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So u got it solve?

Hi Jason, I have tested my other 2 rooms(seldom turn on) and both are blowing out cold air consistently, unlike my room which i have describe. Therefore, i believe it is as u say that the coils and blower are clogged with dirt which is why the blowing is intermittent & its cooling efficiency is reduced.
So for this case, is it consider a need for chemical cleaning for the unit for my room or a general cleaning will do? Maybe u can PM me what u suggest and also how much it will cost. The aircon is Panasonic brand. Thanks
Finally solve my problem. I use to work as air con tech before during poly days. My current aircon is mitshubishi starmex abt 9 years old. Just open up the aircon and vacuum sucks the fan blades and clean the whole aircon. Done. Now aircon works like new. Remember to off main switch before u dismantle the aircon. Lucky starmex is super simple.Mitsubishi Electric -
Cleaning your Aircon withinů:
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