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Hello Worcer,

Was your aircon cold before you did the self cleaning?
Based on description, it could be possible that during the cleaning process, you could have accidentally damaged the copper piping joint behind the unit which results in gas leakage. As your unit is at least 10 years of age, it could be relatively fragile, more susceptible to damage hence extra caution is required during handling.

I do agree with Terumo that it would be best that you have your contractor come up to do a check to determine the exact cause before doing any piping replacement.

Best Regards,

Jason Tham

Need recommendations.

Recently my aircon leak water. I tried to clean it by sucking the water out from the pipe behind the aircon. As the pipe were behind, I open up and clean it. Then I notice the Fridgant(feon) rubber piping is coming out gas(cold). Then after I fixed back, the aircon cannot get cold liao.

Now I think my aircon pipe leak(conceal)... Should I repair or replace the aircon? I believe this aircon to be above 10 years liao.
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