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clementi central gamewerks or funco at bukit batok west mall.

these 2 have gd service and also price wise is quite competitive.

for central as in orchard?
then funzsquare at far east or funzcentre at orchard. funzsquare has better pricing. funzcentre has gd service but price wise not that cheap as funzsquare.

jurong point offers me this bundle package

ps4 console (controller x1 )
ps4 camera
ps4 dual shock 4 controller
ps4 game of choice
ps4 game of choice
ps4 vertical stand
ps4 charging base for controller ( replaced with a cooling fan)
ps4 controller thumb grip

all for $888

but i feel a lot of unnecessary items...

games i just want call of duty and battlefield 4 for now... both coming up new versions in october and november so i dunno if i should get ps4 now...
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