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One sad thing with Anytime fitness is the amount of space which isn't filled...

Wish they'd have plate loaded machines...

A proper bench press would be nice...

DB's going beyond 35kg would be an improvement...

Treadmills they have aren't user friendly... unlike the usual treadmills at the other major gyms...

Also if anyone is taking ppl in after hours... how do they even know if you bring it extra ppl? Noticed a lot of guys bringing in gf's/wife's on the sly... unmanned hrs
It depends on the branch.
Some are pretty much full in terms of spacing unless they really pack the machines very close like in the big gyms.

As for sneaking people in, they aren't stupid.
They told me if more than one come in, their alarm will ring plus they record the going ons all the time, so they should know if you pass the key to another.
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