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i dont see the logic/link between Apple, the bureaucracy, and the government.

Are u trying to say that with another government, you will get your Apple pay sooner?
Are u trying to say that without the current bureaucracy, you will get your Apple pay sooner?

Are u trying to say with changes in all those, you will get your Apple pay now despite Apple saying that it will ONLY launch in the US for now.

All I see is that, with our CURRENT SITUATION, Singapore is one of the very few countries to be in the first wave for the latest iPhone release.

Please, before you do these linking/ranting - use a bit of your brain power.
I'm sorry to say, the replies in this thread is one of the stupidest thing I've read this morning.
Well that's a sweeping statement to say every reply in this thread is stupid? I am greatly offended by that seeing that I only commented that it would be out most likely next year. Was that a very stupid reply? If so pray tell me what a genius like you predict Apple pay will appear in Singapore?

It's always easier to insult than to give constructive feedback. After all when someone can't win an argument, he resort to insults.
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