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I planned to get to Nara via Namba and to ride Kintetsu Nara line. The Kintetsu Nara station is closer to Nara Park than the JR Nara station.

Heres' something on Naramichi:
Nara Travel: Naramachi
Just a passing by spot i don't think the detour will take me too much time.

Will take a similar route like this but end with Naramichi
Took kintetsu Nara from Osaka to Nara then to Kyoto
Stored luggage in limited big lockers at station Nara
Then walked around the station one afternoon - see ppl feed deer take photo, take tons of maple photo then visit a few shrines at Nara park shop a bit yup killed 4-5 hrs if u r like me keep taking photos.

No need follow route lah take free map n move. Lost then seek sos from ppl map or Google haha. Don't think will b lost, follow crowd can le if u go during autumn
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