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LovecyclingSG (LCSG) Facebook for update of the ride event.

Note: If bad weather, ride will be cancelled.
Brekky will be at Punggol Park(makan place)
Pls obey traffic rules. Do not beat red lights.
This is a leisure ride event.
Public event. Self Invite and share with your friends.

26th Oct 2014 LCSG visit Punggol Waterway PCN
Time: 8:00 am
Meeting place: Punggol MRT station taxi stand area
Speed: super slow and steady. Can chat and ride.
Distance: Est 15 km
Terrain: 90% PCN and 10% road(punggol Slope)
Ride details: Punggol waterway>> Punggol End Jetty>> Punggol Park(makan place) >> loop back via Lor BuangKok (last kampong) >> Punggol Eng Jetty and do the iconic Punggol slope >> Punggol MRT.

LCSG ride terms and conditions applies. Please ride safe.
Please kindly read the LCSG ride safety notes.
Safety is in your own hands. Let's have a correct safety mindset and watch for our own safety and others.
Some points to note:
Do not overtake the ride leader. Please abide by the requests of safety riders and help to sound out any given warnings/instructions.
Please comply with all traffic regulations at all times.
When riding on the road or in confined spaces, cycle in single file.
Do not let wheels overlap
Do not overtake from the left
Do not squeeze in between riders to overtake
Turn your head to check your blindspot before switching lanes
No earphones and headphones while riding
Do not make abrupt lane adjustments or abrupt stops
Keep the lights visible but not causing discomfort to other riders, pedestrians and motorists
Helmets, gloves and safety vests are not compulsory but recommended
Bring your own tools and spares, or cab fare in the event that you can't continue a ride.
No medication or prescription drugs will be handed out during any rides. If you need them, please supply your own.
Accidents happen, and at any time. LCSG does not guarantee anyone's safety.
Participants agree not to hold LCSG liable for any injuries, loss of property or in extreme cases, loss of life incurred during, enroute to or after the rides.
Be punctual. We wait for slow riders, not late-comers
LCSG ride organisers reserve the right to turn down anyone from participating in our group rides if deemed to be unsuitable.
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