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First attempt at making herb bread


350g atta flour
50g rye flour
1 cup water (200ml)*
2 tbsp non diary creamer*
1 tbsp yeast
1/2 tbsp raw turbinado sugar
1/2 tbsp low sodium salt
3 tbsp onion powder
2 tbsp Italian herb mix
80gm butter (tiny cubes)
2 tbsp Olive oil

* by right the recipe calls for milk but being lactose intolerant, I had to modify


1) mix all the dry ingredients together without salt and then add salt after.

2) Mix in butter and water and stir until moist texture

3) knead dough for 10 minutes until all ingredients combined and the dough is smooth and elastic

4) cover dough with damped cloth and let it stand and double in size for an hour.

5) punch dough to flatten and reshape. In my case I made buns but otherwise just pour mixture into rectangle tray to set. The tray should be non stick or layer with parchment paper and oiled. Set aside for 30 minutes or when the dough doubles in size.

6) oven set to 190 degrees Celsius. Brush the top with olive oil And bake for 30 to 45 minutes till desired brownness.

And the flatten and fried version

Both versions are crispy on the outside and soft and nice in the inside.

Atta flour is what they use to make chapati or roti prata.
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