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Mine was being able to bake my first bread bun without a bread maker

Ha haa, you sounds like Charlie Bucket in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory
I am so impressed with your bread! Well done, mate! I used to make my own bread too but nowadays with my swollen wrists & fingers, it all gets a little too much for me. But I live vicariously through others like you ... *drool over bread*

Haha, how did you know my nickname back home was Willy Wonka? My friends call my stuff The Choccie Factory stuff. I just call myself Willy Wonkie instead.

I noted the avocadoes & the BBQ chicken at The Cold Storage too! Imma gonna get those & make an avocado, BBQ chicken shreds & mozzarella pizza over the weekend. I'm waiting to see what Giant has on special for the weekend before I plan my grocery run. Come on, Giant, stop dawdling! LOL
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