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I am so impressed with your bread! Well done, mate! I used to make my own bread too but nowadays with my swollen wrists & fingers, it all gets a little too much for me. But I live vicariously through others like you ... *drool over bread*

Haha, how did you know my nickname back home was Willy Wonka? My friends call my stuff The Choccie Factory stuff. I just call myself Willy Wonkie instead.

I noted the avocadoes & the BBQ chicken at The Cold Storage too! Imma gonna get those & make an avocado, BBQ chicken shreds & mozzarella pizza over the weekend. I'm waiting to see what Giant has on special for the weekend before I plan my grocery run. Come on, Giant, stop dawdling! LOL
My affair with baking came donkey years back when I lugged a bread maker back from Brisbane. It was fun until the machine broke down years later and I stopped doing it.

It was recently that I got inspired by friends to bake again. This is like the first time doing it by hand and it didn't seems that hard.

The passion to create something is always there. It's probably in all of us in some shape or form.
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