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basket, accidentally deleted my post while editing, on mobile then press wrong

you can do remote play under 2 conditions
1. both your vita and ps4 are using the same psn account
2. your ps4 is on standby mode

i tried remote play while i was outside before using vita -> tethered wifi (my phone) -> ps4. played both driveclub (on disc) and warframe (f2p shooter).

apart from eating quite an amount of data and some occasional input lag, everything else works just fine. if you are on a proper wifi connection with a good speed (e.g friend's house), you should be able to play the games without any problem.

of course, do note that both the image and audio are compressed while playing through remote play. so for example if you are playing driveclub on your vita, the graphics definitely won't look as good compared to playing it on the ps4.

during your first time setting up, you will need both the vita and ps4 to be on the same network in order to pair the consoles together. below is the link to the guide
Thanks a lot bro. Am more interested to get the PSV already. But now rest mode got some problems, ytd i accidentally on "rest mode" after that i cannot on back. In the end unplug le den on back again. Any bros experiencing this?

Any news/rumors that new PSV coming out this xmas?

I also noticed my PS 4 getting quite warm when keeping it on(ard 1hr of gaming). Even when it's on in rest mode(ard 30mins) they both feel equally warm. As my place is using the old type of tv console table,(those got shelf inside for placing DVD player/etc) and that's where i place it, maybe not enough air flow. Any bros who place the ps4 in the open feel that it's gets warm? There should be any overheating around here right?

Any bros here experience this? Saw the Nyko Intercoller, seems quite not bad, any reviews from here?

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