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Thanks a lot bro. Am more interested to get the PSV already. But now rest mode got some problems, ytd i accidentally on "rest mode" after that i cannot on back. In the end unplug le den on back again. Any bros experiencing this?

Any news/rumors that new PSV coming out this xmas?

I also noticed my PS 4 getting quite warm when keeping it on(ard 1hr of gaming). Even when it's on in rest mode(ard 30mins) they both feel equally warm. As my place is using the old type of tv console table,(those got shelf inside for placing DVD player/etc) and that's where i place it, maybe not enough air flow. Any bros who place the ps4 in the open feel that it's gets warm? There should be any overheating around here right?

Any bros here experience this? Saw the Nyko Intercoller, seems quite not bad, any reviews from here?
Last time I use cooler for my ps3 too, after placing there for 1 month my console overheat. Previously I nv use cooler for about a year no issue at all.. pro and con, u extracting the hot air but u also blocking the air flow.. this time ps4 I use it without cooler my set is about a year soon no problem at all, but best is u clean the air flow once a month to prevent from dust blocking the airway.. yeah ps4 get hot easily, should be normal.. I'm heavy user, when i'm free I on it for at least 6hrs, normally will be at least 2hrs. After I'm done I usually off it, nv put on standby mode before..
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