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Nice new concept of being able to access a gym 24 hours.

Even condo is open till 10pm only.

Hmmmm... do I need to use a gym at odd hours? What kind of interesting characters may I encounter there? Security and CCTV is only good to prevent but when people know how the security works, some will try to abuse the facility.

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On site staff is always better. No crime is better than the hassle of calling in the MIB.

Hope this will remain a clean and well equipped gym that caters to 80% of members' needs.

Really hope not to find old strange 'men' seeking prey there.

There already are those private 'men' only clubs with a 'gym' and other facilities.
as to strange old men, unlikely. the shower facilities are not shared and only one person per toilet/changing room. no funky bi'ness there, as compared with most gyms with locker rooms

as with crime, there's always the choice of getting a locker (tho its not free). if we decide to take the chance, the responsibility lies solely with us

as for equipment, small update for AF nex. lifting platforms just came in

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