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Balancing Index Investing and life goals.

Hi everyone,

I have been a long time lurker in this thread, wanted to seek some advice about balancing my investments and goals.
I am currently age 25. Just graduated from NUS and landed a 3k-ish/month job. After subtracting my expenses, allowance to parents, insurance. I have about 1.6k to invest monthly.

I am deeply influenced by the idea of saving $1650 a month and that would almost get me to 100k in 5 years time. That is my goal.

I have evaluated my risk appetite and decided to set up a monthly RSP component through POSB invest-saver and OCBC BCIP comprising of:

$400 ABF- A35
$600 STI- G3B

Subsequently, I save about $600 in my OCBC-360 account. I am able to fulfill 2 out of 3% interest per annum.

There are some life goals coming up that probably would derail me from my savings.

1. I am intending to save $15k for my wedding in a couple of years
(currently, I have about 8k stashed away in two funds in fundsupermart Templeton total return and blackrock equity income , yes I know its not the best to go with mutual funds- tempted to cash out but I intend to let the funds run inside there for awhile more as I am making some gains through their monthly dividends reinvestment). So i may need to save 7k more. I channel about $200 a month into these two funds from my side income. One of the reasons why i bought these funds is that they r sgd hedged n give me some exposure to global stovks instead of buying n losing in terms of currency

2. I am intending to have about 30k for my BTO downpayment in 5 years. Currently my cpf just began accumulating. This will be done through saving the $600 cash component


1. should I invest in VWRD/VHYD/VUSA through stanchart instead of using ABF (or reducing my STI %) and treating my cash component of $600 a month as a bond component, would it make more economic sense?

2. is it better to cash out my mutual funds and park them somewhere else?

3. any other advice to help me reach my goals?

Hope it is not too confusing, i appreciate any advice given. Thanks

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