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Hi w1rbelw1nd,

Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

I truly understand the logic of securing the 45k, come to think of it, quickly accumulating the cash to sit in ocbc 360 acct is a good idea as well.

I have not considered that perspective.
Am seriously considering quickly saving till I hit that amount before I start buying etf..

I am halfway through saving for my wedding 8/15k (intend to use the next two mth salary + bonus) to achieve it by end of 2014. before I let the 15k sit somewhere 'safe'. Hopefully I wont have to spend too much on weddings, want my gf to be happy of course, but also not paying out of the nose for it.

Therafter, I have about 1.6k monthly to work with for savings.

Saving $600 a month in cash, is intended to hit my goal for 30k downpayment for BTO (aiming for a 400k+ house in punggol area).

($600 x 50 months) = 30k [probably if i ballot for a house and built by 2019] [not considering how much CPF deduction there is]

Thereafter the 1k a month is to invest for my future.
In an ideal world, I hope not to draw on it for wedding or BTO (but may have other causes), I want to not hold too much in cash because I feel like I need to build up a comfortable investible nest egg.Therefore I am considering a 60/40 STI/ABF portfolio although I do want so exposure to international stocks

Once I get married, and have to start servicing a house loan and everything, I doubt I can save/invest 1k a month. But i hope to use these few years to build a portfolio where it can continue to go, have dividends to reinvest e.g..

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