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1. should I invest in VWRD/VHYD/VUSA through stanchart instead of using ABF (or reducing my STI %) and treating my cash component of $600 a month as a bond component, would it make more economic sense?

2. is it better to cash out my mutual funds and park them somewhere else?

3. any other advice to help me reach my goals?

Hope it is not too confusing, i appreciate any advice given. Thanks
1) No, you're fine. Keep the money for the downpayment in a separate pot from the rest of your investments, because you'll need it a lot sooner than you'll need the rest of your money.

2) Yeah, cash them out and stick the money in a fixed deposit. Money you need in two years shouldn't be in the stock market.

3) Other than that I think you're basically fine. You're starting small, you don't need to get into global stocks yet - get used to the idea of investing a regular amount each month, and then you can diversify once you've got a bigger pot. Stick to G3B and A35 - keep it simple.

(Also, you can buy them through Stanchart instead of the BCIP, and it'll be a bit cheaper.)
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