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Chanced upon this article.

What Fresh Graduates and Young Persons Should NOT Do - The IFA on Duty

Decided that i should focus more on saving cash in the ocbc 360, so far i have been too eager in investing end up with 8k in mutual funds but not much savings.

gonn save more than i invest, starting with next mth salary, possible save 1k a mth first n use 600 to 800(additional income) on sti n abf

will also cash out my fundsupermart accts soon (nearing breakeven pt) switch them all to money market funds or risk rating 1 bonds.

One bad habit of mine is that I am a saver if i cannot see the money. For the last few months, the first thing i do with my salary is tat i channel 1.6k to unit trusts. Then the remaining are for parents, xpenses etc...

often money in my bank acct get depeleted fast but if i park it somewhere where its troublesome to take out, i dont spend much. But no excuses, gonna learn to save n hold on to the cash
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