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Thanks guys. Means Rakuten is trusted eh? Because heard of them recently from edmw only. I'll go take a look.

funzcentre = funzsquare? Or just similar funz but managed by different people?
no, funzcentre and funzsquare are not the same. just happen to have a similar name. funzsquare is located at far east plaza while funzcentre have several outlets (amk hub, orchard central, vivo and 2 more cant remember)

if you want to buy cheap console and games. go qisahn (far east shopping centre) or wargames (amk jubilee). these 2 shops are probably the lowest prices you can find in sg.

can go their websites see see look look and do some comparison.

qisahn - Buy cheap PS3 PS4 3DS XL Wii U Vita XBOX 360 XBOX One in Singapore and Malaysia

Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce

just take note, most of the time, there is no need to buy a game at its suggested retail price (SRP), can get cheaper elsewhere.

just to give some examples, the evil within SRP is $74.90 , driveclub SRP is $69.90. can easily find shops selling at $65 odd and $64 odd respectively.
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