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Hi guys!

I have a CGPA of 3.7
Diploma in leisure and resort managment with merit

Interested to get into NTU communication studies or economics. Previously applied economics as first xhoice for the past two years, but was rejected. Decided to try for communication studies for this final try before i finally ORD. Any recommendations? Ehat re my chances?
NTU economics has a 10th percentile GPA of 3.6. Why cant you get in O_o? Your O levels don't seem to be that bad and Merit is a plus factor for you.

Communication studies has a higher 10th percentile. It may be difficult, but still try anyway. With your GPA you should be able to get into the course of your choice.

My advice is, try agian. If they reject you, consider applying to NUS to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (there are other better uni's too). They have a 10th Percentile of 3.68 and you can choose economics as one of the major/specializations.

If I were you though, I wouldn't consider NTU economics, it is not the best economics course in ASIA, in terms of brand, recognition and holistically wise

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