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bcos final gpa or o lvl scores might not be the onli factors they consider. other factors include wether u have taken certain subjects during o'lvl (such as Amath for ntu econs)... certain subjects or the poly course u were from may also be given different weightage for different courses.
Cheeyarn, you may wish to take note of the above point^. This reason may prove to be true for some NTU courses.

If you really wish to get into NTU, I suggest you re-take subjects you did badly/mediocre in your O'levels and try to score an A.

Hi, i have really no idea... it has bugging me for quite awhile. I took amaths and economics during my secondary and poly time respectively. I also applied for nus fass for the previous 2 years, but they rejected me too which i dunno why.

Could it be the reason that i am serving ns now? I kinda at a loss about what to do. I dont really wanna go SIM with my gpa!
No! In fact, NS should be an advantage especially if you get into command school! (That is also considered a non-accademic achievement)

Other awards like best soldier may help too! NS is the best time to talk about your experiences and what made you decide (forgive me if I sound too drama or cliche) on going into that dream course!

NTU/NUS/SMU requires students to write more about themselves for the courses they require to get into/why and there is a portion for non-accademic achievements.

Remember to fill that up! Don't think it is not important because there are many people with the same GPA as you, so how do they consider applicants? To see if they have any additional talents/achievements they can bring with them outside their GPA!!! I cannot stress this enough, especially if you are from a poly!

Also, I feel you about not being able to get into a local university of my choice! I screwed up my admission to get into my several dream courses at various Local U's during the first year because I thought they only look at GPA, and hence I didn't really bother much with the interview/and did not fill my non-CCA achievements. I thought I would definitely secure a place butI was so FRIGGIN WRONG.

I felt like I was going to die literally because I couldn't get into a Local U. It was awful because I worked so friggin hard in poly D':

Fortunately, I managed to pull myself together and manage to not screw up the second time and got into a local U with a course of my choice

So, DONT GIVE UP BRO. Now that you are closer to ORD, find some time to improve yourself, hunt down your poly lecturer to write you that testimonial letter for your university admission as they will really help.

You are a merit holder, I am sure you have worked hard for it and paid attention during leessons. Your lecturers 会给你面子 if you are sincere and ask nicely!

If all else fails, there is always a local university route outside of NTU/NUS and it can be even better than the two.. but I can't say here.. later people will think I am biased towards certain university...

Just request for a PM if you want more info!

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