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What is my chance for NTU Accountancy & SMU Accountancy course?
For NTU accountacny, your chances are very very slim. Your GPA is somewhat moderately-far away from their 10th Percentile at a difference of 0.1.

Your O level seem to be decent. But nevertheless, if it is your dream course and you have a strong interest for it , go and apply . Just be sure to get more testimonial letters/recommendation letters/do some cca's etc. After all, 10th Percentile of 3.79 for NTU accountancy is just a guide, not an actual cut off

For SMU Accountancy, your GPA is relatively close to the 10th percentile of 3.72, so you may be shortlisted (I would say 40-55% chance) for the interview.

Just be sure to fill in the non-accademic portion and the short essay /3 CCA's you think are most important to you. Those are very important because SMU does not just look at grades solely. They want to see if you have the potential to be holistically successful and be an all rounder. Same for what I recommend as the NTU one.

If you do get shortlisted, you must do well for the group interview/single person interview (For SMU accountancy, I've heard they do either one of this) or you still won't get accepted.

Take note that, this is based off the Indicative Grade Profile (IGP) based on year 2013 for year 2014 admissions.

The IGP based on year 2014 for 2015 admissions will be out within a month and you may have to wait and see to determine what course of action you need to take.
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