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I have just gotten AC87U yesterday. Anyone has any idea why my upload speed (10-14Mbps) seem to be rather low compared to the download speed (50Mbps) when i'm on the 2.4ghz. On 5Ghz band, i can receive around 100-120Mbps using a n-client, but similarly the upload speed is pretty disappointing, only around 50-60Mbps. Any one having the same issue or have any idea how to resolve this? Is this normal?

I have tried placing my laptop side by side with the router, i can receive around 210Mbps download speed and 180Mbps upload speed using the 5Ghz band. Around 90Mbps download speed and 80Mbps upload on the 2.4Ghz one.

Additionally, the router is placed in the centre of the house, which is in the living room. The speed mentioned at the beginning are all tested in my room.

Thanks in advance.

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