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Up for information if you on VQ 1Gbps and not getting this on ASUS RT-AC87U.

My viewqwest just upgraded to 1gb plan but I wire connect to ac87u only speedtest 460mb/s,

Without router pc direct wire to ONT can get 920mb/s.

The cable between ONT and ac87u changed 3 time still the same.

firmware also updated.

anyone can help me?
Do list down the various settings that you have applied on the ASUS RT-AC87U. So peeps can advise you accordingly like what ViewQwest Andr3wyong has posted some.

Update to latest firmware then reset to defaults.

Ensure IPv6 is disabled, Trend Micro disabled, QoS disabled, CTF level2 enabled.
ASUS RT-AC87U is more than capable of delivering 1Gbps VQ download/upload as shown on my speedtest results.

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