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Sian... ya...all this about degree.. in the pass "they" keep promoting people to get a higher education. Now "they" say you don have too... so confused...
Hmm.... how about I give you my interpretation on what I think "they" are trying to say.

"They" hope that I don't "rush".
- If I am not ready for a good degree from a reputable institution, then don't. It could be due to any reason, location, cost, time, job, family etc.
- There are diploma level jobs that need my expertise and for me to fill in. Leave the degree level jobs to the university graduates.
- In the mean time, do my best at my job and occasionally go for short upgrading courses from the WSQ system, Poly system, NAFA/LaSalle or Local Uni.
MICE & Events WSQ / William Angliss Institute
Creative Industry WSQ
Part-Time Certificate Course - NAFA
Part-Time Enrichment Programmes - NAFA
Short Courses - LASALLE
- When I am ready for a degree, then go all out for a good education.

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