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quite a big difference. take ps3 for an example, the fat version is very prone to overheat and often will ylod/rlod and auto shut down. once it ylod/rlod have to buy new console. repairing only prolong lifespan for a while as ylod/rlod problem will come back again.

the slim version solve this issue and run much cooler. also it uses less power hence suitable for those that game for long hours. price for slim is also much cheaper.

if you are comparing ps3 slim and super slim, then there is not much difference apart from size, shape and price.
minor problems encountered by minority are magnified.

I dont have a problem with my 2 fat ps3s, but the newer 40gb fat one broke down

I never bought the super slim
just slim

think superslim disc door damm cheapskate feel
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