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background info abt rom-0 vulnerability...
PIOTRBANIA.COM :: Hacking and patching TP-LINK TD-W8901G router
How I saved your a** from the ZynOS (rom-0) attack !! ( Full disclosure ) | Root@Nasro
Attackers alter DNS configurations remotely, compromise 300K routers - SC Magazine

The attack is made possible due to default SOHO settings that are vulnerable to password guessing, as well as brute force log-on attempts because the graphical user interface was accessible from the internet, according to the report, which adds that compromise via Cross-Site Request Forgery may also be possible.

“A considerable number of the remotely accessible devices also appeared vulnerable to the “ROM-0” vulnerability published in early January,” according to the report. “This vulnerability in ZyXEL's ZynOS allows attackers to download the router's configuration file from the unauthenticated GUI URL http://[IP address]/rom-0.”
Me: Is the page password protected ?
Me: No !!! I tired to access that page on a different IP and it didn’t require a passowrd !
Ok, enough questions haha ..

Now, when I activated TamperData and clicked “ROMFILE SAVE” I’ve found out that the rom-0 file is located on “IP/rom-0″ and the directory isn’t password protected or anything.
When you upload and submit the rom-0 file there, the php page replies back with the configuration in clear text ( INCLUDING THE PASSWORD ) .
Now ! how do you prevent attackers from downloading your rom-0 configuration file and manipulating your router ? This is pretty simple if you think about it ..
You just have to forward port 80 on the router to and inused IP address on your network
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