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welp, the empirical evidence shows that GMO food is safe for consumption.. but ultimately it is up to you to decide.. but i think the main takeaway from the article is that GMO crops may have an undeserved bad reputation.

as for xmas.. my mom's now dropping hints for a breadmaker! can someone PLEASE PLEASE point me in the right direction? which brands are cheap and good?

she has her eye on this one; PANASONIC BREAD MAKER (360W) SDP104 Bread Maker - Courts Online Shopping

but 300+ for a toy that she use for 1 month then forget about it.. i abit heart pain :/

masterchef wizzy, which breadmaker are you using?
Using this model since early oct. Was deciding between this and Zoji and got this instead due to the seperate compartments for yeast and additional ingredients.

Convenient to set timer and wake up to fresh bread in the morning. Though note that there will be a hole at the bottom of the bread where the paddle is.

1 loaf of bread can last 2 days for 2 persons.
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