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There are a lot of articles both touting and deriding green smoothies. I first tried it out as my Vitamin C intake was not sufficient since my body just cannot absorb the amount required from normal consumption. So I started out with a small glass daily to see if there was any good or bad side effects.

I did not put in any vegetables which I am unable to take for my health or make no sense to consume raw. I also made it an even ratio of green vegetables and fruits. I slowly increased the intake to a tall glass daily, still cautious of over-doing it.

This past week, I have not been able to make & consume my green smoothies for various reasons & now, I know ... green smoothies work for me. All other factors being equal or the usual, the only difference in routine is the lack of green smoothies. I have been feeling more tired, my aches are worse & the most obvious effect is that my skin lesions worsened.

While green smoothies may not work for everyone, I think it makes a noticeable difference for me. Go greens!
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