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cheapest is PS+ from US is 49.99 from amazon? or where can get cheaper ar?

if i activate ps+ on my us account. my friend who are from asia account ps+
we both can play online together right? like fifa2015.

Am i right to say that the game same region can liao, unless my fifa15 is region 1 and his is region 3, then cannot play together?
1) dont need to look for a good deal, just hoot la
amazon that time got for 29.99 but dunno when will return.
can buy from ebay for few bucks lesser but why risk

2 & 3) disc same region enough

but sometimes disc region still can play together, depends on where they host their servers and if they allow inter/across servers
3DS and console modding service available.

Those wanna tongpang amazon, can PM
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