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thank you very mud.

i also read ish e camera bundle good issit...

but camera till now no game yet issit.....

moi got do homework one..

us psn must separately buy right
camera bundle most worth it, hoot before end of today, dunno tml got 20% code or not
and op for self collect.

Camera can use for the dance game and some inbuilt game, a bit like LBP one(not content not much)

I still think just hoot the camera, better than the 2 controllers bundle, amazon that time sell a controller for USD 40.

US PSN just buy lor, free games every month, you got free games across ps4 ps3 and vita leh
damm worth it

50usd /12
how much nia
3DS and console modding service available.

Those wanna tongpang amazon, can PM
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