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I read somewhere on mediacorp claming starhub's HD5 source is coming from DVB-T previously. Apologized for the bad grammar but ya not trying to say it's being converted or anything just that the main source itself is coming from T2. Maybe I'm wrong but I believe some may understand what I'm trying to say la. haha
Technically ya, but since these HD channels were launched on the T2 platform first so many like me will "consider" these feed source are coming from the main DVB-T2 side. Hahah. After all starhub just merely carries these feed from since mediacorp currently "owns" most of the DVB-T2 side.
Saying that the source comes from DVB-T2 is conceptually wrong mah.

I give u an example. It's like saying that the video format on BluRay disc is the same as the one displayed on TV after the BluRay player reads the disc lor. The BluRay player got to convert the signals that can be transmitted by HDMI to the TV, for example.
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