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They are the limited edition sprint runs, not in s30v. The blue 1 is m390 and grey is in cts-xhp
CTS20CP actually for the foliage green (grey).

They are the supersteel para 2s - M390, CTS 204p and CPM20CP are all in the same league. The last one comes with the Ranger Green (a knifeworks exclusive). The blue M390 is IIRC a Bentobox exclusive...

In the market, the blue M390 is priciest after the S90V/154 sanmai (that one is too collectible at the market price, nobody will use it). I recall selling my CTS204P version so long ago, only to realise it's collectible!

Anyways, Hobcraz, if you want to collect the supersteel sets I can sell you my Hunter Green CTS204P for you to complete your trio since Alantcy is selling his M390 and CPM20CP versions. Mine has the aftermarket deep carry titanium clip too - very chantek!

I have too many knives and need to offload them before Xmas. Come get your Xmas fix from Santa Vespa .

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