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Personal Experience here and there.

National Air cons is really very very long lasting. My previous unit worked for nearly 17 years. For the past 17 years it has only went for 2 or 3 minor repair works to replace parts. Until the recent years parts are impossible to find anymore.

Only chemical wash every couple of years.
DIY clean filter ( monthly )
DIY clean fins,roller and blades (6monthly)
DIY flush pipe ( 6 monthly )
Outdoor unit is not serviced before.

Currently it is still working. Just that it takes a slower time to cool down a room and the cooling ability is no longer strong.

Placed an order for a new set of starmex. Hopefully it will work as long as the National one.
I also have a couple of Sanyo aircons running without any issue for past 20 years. These old japanese appliances are made to last beyond WWIV, but they drink power more than a thirsty hippo lost in a forsaken desert.

Just 7 years ago I changed to starmex to bring down the electric bill. While the monthly charges pummeled, these starmex are due for change because of compressor issues.

Even NEA suggest that the lifetime for household aircons is 8 years based on daily use of around 8 hours. I use around 14 hours per day so they do outperform in that sense.

Nowadays no companies want to build long-lasting models if they want to push it to the mass-market. Doesn't make any business-sense. It's a tradeoff we have to accept.
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