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decided to post a comment after having problems with my aircon system installed by AB 5 years ago (Mitsubishi). Last month nov my living room fan coil was unable to ON and after troubleshooting found out its the wiring. And I changed the wire myself and it works.

Now December my study room also giving problem. The fan coil was able to ON but not cold air and fan coil just stop after a while of turning on with fault light comes on. A technician came to troubleshoot and pin-point its the wiring again.

The technician told me the quality of the wire is of low quality. I took a closer look and realised my aircon wire is using 40-strands instead of 70-strands.

For future home owners, do ensure you use the brand keystone/tai sin or a wire with 70-strands of copper wires for each cord.
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