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I'm going this sat. Mentally prepared liao. Christmas period always those ham, turkey n logs cakes. Oh well, at least got tat festive feeling
Wah lau, boh jio hor ...

As for the sashimi at Edge, I gave them the benefit of doubt that it was just that day. It is not bad or no good, but just doesn't have the wow factor like the ones we had at Hilton, especially the salmon belly which Kahlan passed to me some of it. But no problem, it was well compensated by the delicious Alaskan King Crabs. I think I ate as much as Robin on that day. And yes, the top ups were very frequent. In fact, the guy who was manning the seafood station had boxes of seafood stacked behind him to ensure that it never ran out. When I was leaving the restaurant, I saw the replenishments with even bigger sized crabs! But I too full to eat liao. I didn't have the pralines, instead I only had fruits and coffee before I call it a day! Too full liao!

@deepblue, Edge is really good! I am sure you won't be disappointed!
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