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Bro, with tat budget, no cc n want cooked crabs, not much choice

Hmmm, can consider momiji too. I like their seafood food, but their cooked food is not good. They do have chilli crabs ... though more correct to call it chilli snow crab legs

If got cc, then square@ furama is a good choice with 1 for 1 promo n they have either chilli or black pepper crabs.
You can check with the place concerned - most times, you don't really need any credit card - a debit card will do. You just need a debit card (with Visa/Mastercard usually) from a bank featured in the promotion.

E.g. You can apply for POSB Go! debit card or DBS debit card - both free for life. The merchants mainly just need to process your payment through Visa/Mastercard which is available for debit cards as well. Most if not all banks should have debit card facility available... you have a bank account right? (Serious question). If not, go open one lah... got accounts with no service charge... go research.
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