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^ that's the so called pagoda steamboat with grill. seems like going to start becoming a trend soon after mookata.

these two i know of :
jiu mao jiu @ pomo [singapore]
巴黎铁塔火锅 eiffel tower steamboat [malaysia]

for jiu mao jiu, they got deals on groupon before.
I suggest skipping 99 cents. Bad reviews online, plus i went to have a look today. Looking is as bad as reading

Then again, the food might actually be nice. I tried the cheapo steamboat buffet @ charcoalthai vivo, hope i get the name right. Walk in, saw the food n immediately regretted getting the vouchers. But surprisingly, the mala soup base is pretty good n the food although not much variety, is fresh. Pretty decent for the price paid. In the end, i'm pretty satisfied with the meal.
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