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Here (edit: changed some to take into account platopus's high-div-yield suggestions)
* 30% STI ETF (yields 2.6% plus capital growth)
* 20% VUSD (the UK-listed SPY equivalent) (yields 1.6% plus capital growth)
* 20% VHYD (the UK-listed Vanguard high-div ETF) (yields 3.65% plus capital growth)
* 20% QL2 (the SG-listed Asia Credit Bond ETF, yields 4.75%)
* 10% QL3 (the SG-listed Asia High Yield Bond ETF, yields about 7%)
Hey Shiny, do you know what is the official stock name for QL3 and QL2? I can't seem to be able to find their dividend payout history from SGX here: Company Disclosure & Information | SGX

Also, any idea why the chart for QL3 has random spikes and falls every now and then? Am I looking at the right chart at;range=1d ? The spikes and falls can be seen starting from the 6M view upwards is it because of CD and XD? Cannot be the dividends so often and so much, right?
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