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my opinion:

Just buy IBM.
Hi Yukari,

I got nothing against you, but this is very very dangerous Advice.

IBM share price now is USD$158.51

It's peak was USD$214 earlier in March 2014 [would have lost $25 year-to-date if buy a wrong price]

Previous highs were USD$124 pre crisis $124 in 2008

another previous high before the DOT com bust was USD$137 in 1999

If a person were to enter at a wrong time, did not buy it at prices where IBM is below $100, they would be staring at a lot of losses.

NO doubt, IBM MAY rally again back to $200 and he would earn 33%.. but who knows right.. IBM may go below $100 just as well.

This is not considering that USD to SGD has fallen from 1.6 to 1.3 [plus all the other taxes involved in buying us stocks].

Lastly, there is the risk of buying individual companies, as shared in another thread:

One big lesson to learn for me on putting eggs in one basket from GTAT Case Study | Investment Moats - Stock Market Investing

for someone new to investing, better to buy ETFs, or mutual funds. And always go for safer yields (starting with ocbc360 acct, safest bank in the world)

Slowly build, don't rush in and become food for others
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