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Your IP camera must be part of the LAN, but there must be a WAN connection to this LAN i.e. what is the WAN IP of the router where you IP cameras are connected to? Is the WAN of this LAN VQ? Your tablet/smartphone must be connected (via wifi) to a router. Is it the same router? If so, then your tablet/smartphone is in the same LAN as your IP camera. This is the NAT loopback problem. If your tablet/smartphone is using 3G/4G, then it is external to the LAN, and if you can view the camera, you are using the WAN access, and it means that your portforwarding rules are working fine.
Managed to solve the problem. Google and found someone also with the same problem. I will need to disable the firewall and enable back again. Then I can see my IP cameras using VQ WAN IP. However, when I reboot my AC87U, it is back to the previous situation. I will need to disable and enable the firewall again.
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