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I have never been to furano or jozankei so I cannot tell you how are the onsens there. But I have been to noboribetsu and I would think it is better you don't go since you are not booking Daiichi Takimotokan Hotel. Because if you were to go for the baths there as a day visitor (1130-2pm only), you would come back regretting not having booked to stay there.

But if you looked up the other thread I have started about onsen ranking in Japan, you would have noticed jozankei has been ranked by users in Japan as one of the top 5 onsens in east Japan. furano is nowhere on the list (not even on the bigger list which list over 42 popular onsens in east Japan).

2014 Best Onsen Ranking -

But saying that, furano might have interesting onsens to visit. Some of my top memorable onsens are not on the list too, so it is possible to find a gem off the beaten track. I searched a bit and both the Ryounkaku and the Hakuginso onsens are interesting enough for me to want to visit.
Thanks kifo, for the detailed information.

I regretted that I booked my hotels too early as well, should've done my research earlier and stay overnight at one of the hotel with onsens.

We decided to spend one day on each places; onsens and furano+ashi zoo.

Do you mean that jozankei provides better osens for day visitors?
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