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I don't think there are mixed bathing onsens in Noboribetsu, at least not in Takimotokan.

Where I know there are mixed gender pools in onsen spas in Tokyo and even in Jozankei, those are not authentic onsens and they are usually labelled as swimming pools or bathing pools. Those you need swimming costumes.

Real mixed gender bathing onsens usually have to go in naked, even for the ladies. Some places that I have been allows the woman to wrap herself with towel, and I have seen some women doing that, but this is usually frowned upon unless clearly indicated at the bath.

One of the more beautiful mixed onsen I have been to is the Furusato Onsen in Sakurajima. There you are given a thin cotton white yukata to wear into the onsen. Unfortunately, the hotel has gone bankrupt in 2012.
Thanks for the info again! How about private baths? Outdoor private onsens, have? haha
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