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Anyway, I shall review one elective I took during Y1S1

MH8300 - It's a Discreetly Discrete World: Math in Real Life Application

5% - In video exercises for each unit
15% - Online assignment for each unit
30% - Midterm (10 MCQ questions)
50% - Final exam (consists of both MCQ and structured questions)

For those people who prefer online lectures, this is the module for you (?)
All lectures (other than the first lecture and the revision lecture) are posted online!

Anyway, I found the content taught in the module to be particularly interesting.
The lecture notes are very simple and easy to understand but I personally think that the questions in the tutorials and PYPs are very difficult and tough (I think it's because I don't really know how to apply the theorems and stuff to solve the questions ).

I would recommend this module to anyone that has background in discrete math as I think this course would be a breeze for you

Oh ya, just to add on, if you're planning to take this module, do get a few friends to take it with you so that you guys can discuss the answers for the online assignment for each unit before submitting as the average score for each online assignment is kinda high (ard 80+ out of 100)

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