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But I heard noboribetsu has the most number of onsens around, easier to get access and more choices right?

Normally they have lunch package together with the onsen one hor?
I usually don't go for lunch package with onsens. Normally it is not advisable to go soak into an onsen after eating a heavy meal. I am not sure about you but I would feel too full to enjoy the hot water.

And while we always talk about the onsen water quality, the most enjoyable thing about going to the onsen bath to me is not the water, but the design and atmosphere of the bath. There are usually a lot of onsen baths in many onsen towns but if you really want to enjoy the experience, you will need to be selective. After all, a hole in the ground and 4 walls is also an onsen bath. That's why I have been recommending the Daiichi Takimotokan for the onsen in Noboribetsu. There are sure many onsen baths in Noboribetsu, but if you want the definitive experience that many people associate with Noboribetsu, then you must go to Daiichi Takimotokan.
In Noboribetsu, there is one Ryokan
????? ???

One of the best i been to, I would say among the whole of Japan.

The room, onsen and meal. Top class
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