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vPost very tokong. Over charge by 3kg! Awesome!

Last month, I bought some items from US and used vPost to ship to Singapore. As their measurement, volumetric weight is 2.95KG and actual weight is 6KG. After I received the parcel and

re-weight it, volumetric weight is correct, but the actual weight is only 3KG. That means vPost overcharged me for 3KG!

I contacted customer service via email regarding this issue, and after more than 3 weeks in exchanging email and phone calls. Finally, CSO admit the error, and will refund me the

overcharged amount as store credit only! It's ridiculous!! If I have no future shipment, then I would never able to use this credit. And even I am very unsatisfied with their service, I have to

use their service next time as there is some outstanding credit. What the ...??

The case still unresolved as I refused to receive store credit. Is anyone know how can I get back my money? File a case to CASE(Consumers Association of Singapore) or ...?

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