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Anyone got elective to intro?

That time regis i only put Impact of chem
Unrestricted Elective? Try HY2002 Moral Philosophy. GPA booster. I took last sem. I got an A. Easiest mod I took so far. Easier than Intro to Philosophy also. No finals. Assessment is 2 quizzes and one final 'essay'. The 'essay' only 1.4k-2k words, not even an essay lol, its just three questions and just answer all three within the word limit. The 2 quizzes is short answer questions and long answer questions.

Lecturer is damn nice and approachable. Timetable put 3 hours but he usually finish in 2 hours or less.

You can try CM8003 as well. Alchemy to Chemistry. Damn interesting module. Mid-terms and finals are both MCQ. Very easy. but its Pass/Fail so cannot boost GPA.
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