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Will this affect their brokerage account here?
Operations to be shut include cash equities, equity capital
markets and equity research, said the people, who asked not to
be identified discussing a private matter.

they do until so cheap, no min comm, no custodian fees etc...
cheap but don't make $$ also not realistic ba

like imagine people buy 100 shares of a $1.00 stock... $100 the commission 20 cents nia.. how to survive? Brokerage house the back office a lot of cost one... compliance, operations, nominees, customer service, IT... etc

discount brokering only works unless u have a very big market share in countries such as US (example E-Trade to be a successful discounter, most important is economies of scale.. probably in revenues of hundreds of millions.. or like E-Trade over the billion dollar mark, if every year do billions of trade, each make few cents or dollars still can be very profitable. Like for E-Trade total rev is 1.7bil but net profits 80mil nia, stand chart probably was bleeding $$ just to capture market share, rest in peace man

heng I using local brokerage house nia, so not affected

those having all your assets in SCB please be careful


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