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As far as I know, NTU's S/U policy is quite different... as they have to declare their S/U option before the release of examination results. I personally don't see the use in that. Comparing apple with apple, NTU's new S/U policy for Year 1's says that the S/U option is automatic and it is activated when a student fails a module? Does that mean only when a student gets an F grade will the S/U be activated? How is that beneficial in anyway? Meaning if a student gets a "D" grade... that module would still be computed in his GPA/CAP? I am not too certain; and even friends in the programme now are pretty blur about it. So what is this "better than NUS grade-less first sem" that you speak of? Please share if you have some lobang hahaha.

Well yeah i guess this grade-less initiative causes some students to slack and get poor results... no doubt about it.
Yes, for NTU's gradeless first year, you will only be exempted if you get an F. And you will also have to redo the module. On top of that, our S/U for electives can only be made before the release of results, not after. Yes, this means things are much tougher here at NTU. Because we dont need to be coddled like those in NUS lol. We can't artificially inflate our grades like in NUS. Every bad grade is a spur in our hides, pushing us to perform better in the future.
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