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Yes, for NTU's gradeless first year, you will only be exempted if you get an F. And you will also have to redo the module. On top of that, our S/U for electives can only be made before the release of results, not after. Yes, this means things are much tougher here at NTU. Because we dont need to be coddled like those in NUS lol. We can't artificially inflate our grades like in NUS. Every bad grade is a spur in our hides, pushing us to perform better in the future.
Yap, my NUS friends are telling that almost everyone in NUS first semester got CAP/GPA of 4.5 and above this time. Let me give you all a very simple example:

A student in NUS on average take 5 mods (20 MC), if below are his or her results -
Module 1 A+, Module 2 B, Module 3 B-, Module 4 C+, Module 5 C
The student can just S/U Module 2 to 5 and still get a perfect CAP/GPA of 5.0 in NUS.
The NUS student can boast that he has a perfect CAP/GPA in first semester without realizing that he needs to buck up...
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