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In NUS, its the same, if u get any grades less than D, u will get 'U grade for it. if it is a core, u have to repeat the module. And SU option cannot be applied to D grades. that means if a student get D grade, he has to get it counted.
Its actually not the same. For NTU's freshmen year GPA exemption, it only applies to 6 modules. On top of that, you cannot exempt it unless it is an F. Meaning that they have to live with every C, C+,D,E. NUS freshmen get exempted for everything they do in the first year.

Its only the same for the S/U of electives. Like what you've mentioned above. Even in that case, its slightly different in the sense that NTU students can only S/U before the results are out.

Im rather unconvinced though, that these systems have no affect on student performance. I still believe that students would be ill-prepared when year 2 modules hit them if they live through a gradeless first year. Then again, I dont think I'm too bothered about it either lol. I'll just wait and see how things change or dont change in the long run.
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